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    Cyprus News

    11 July 2022
    TOP-3 new residential projects in Athens by bbf:
    Here are the TOP-3 new residential projects in Athens which Revekka Polyxeni Klavdianou from bbf: Greece office would like to pay attention to first of all. The construction of all of them begins this...
    17 June 2022
    How smart home systems are useful in bbf: properties
    At bbf: we strive to make our residents lives as comfortable and convenient as possible, that’s why we implement various smart home systems and solutions in our properties. For example, in each ...
    10 June 2022
    bbf:’s mobile super-app launches this summer
    bbf:’s mobile super-app for residential complexes launches this summer, and everything is done there in order to make the residents life convenient and easier. As they say in the company’s...
    07 June 2022
    bbf: a new real estate developer brand launched by Prime Property Group
    We're excited to let you know that we start a new big chapter with a new real estate developer brand - bbf: bbf.com Ten years ago, we began the construction of our very first project in Limasso...
    20 May 2022
    Prime Property Group plans to build 7 brand new residential properties in Greece this year
    The Prime Property Group announced the development on 16 new residential complexes of various classes, sizes and design in Greece. One is already being built - Epirus Residence, and construction of 7 ...
    12 May 2022
    Property sales in Cyprus hit their highest in 14 years
    Residential property in Cyprus continues to be in high demand, with 938 transactions completed on the island in April 2022, up 13% from April 2021. This is a 14-year high and the highest April figure ...
    16 March 2022
    Sales have begun in the new suburban project Lake View
    Lake View is not just a residential complex, but a community of like-minded people and pleasant neighbors. This is a comfortable environment with all conditions for families with children.  The ...
    07 March 2022
    From Russia to Cyprus in March 2022
    At the end of February 2022, the government of Cyprus suspended the issuance of provisions to Russian citizens. This does not mean that Russians cannot fly to the country: in the new realities, it is ...
    24 February 2022
    Matisse Residence: sales in premium class residential complex in Limassol center have been started
    Sales have begun in the premium-class complex Matisse Residence in Limassol center. Luxurious apartments and penthouses will be located in a fenced and guarded area with a landscaped garden.  Th...
    17 February 2022
    Construction of a new energy efficient residential complex?Cape Town Lofts in Nicosia has begun
    In Nicosia, Cyprus, the construction of a new residential complex named Cape Town Lofts has begun. This was announced by Pantelis Megalemos, the commercial executive of the Nicosia branch of Prime Pro...
    28 January 2022
    The date of completion of the construction of a premium-class family complex in Paphos has been announced
    The construction of the new family premium complex The Heritage in Paphos will be fully completed in May 2022. This was announced by the commercial director of the local office of Prime Property Group...
    23 December 2021
    Prime Property Group has begun construction on its first property in Greece - Epirus Residence in Athens
    The complex is being built in the Ampelokipoi area. Everything you need is nearby - the metro is within walking distance, a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants. Sales Director of the Greek office...
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    250 €/год (0.27 %)
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    736 € (0.8 %) — 920 € (1 %)

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