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    Rosa Dei Venti

    Rosa dei Venti is located in a thriving location, a central spot in the heart of Limassol’s tourist area, bustling with vibrancy, incredible shopping and an endless array of upscale restaurants. The Mediterranean lifestyle comes easy in this city. Rosa dei Venti consists of 3 blocks; each block boasts 14 luxurious spacious apartments and 2 penthouses with private swimming pools. Rosa dei Venti amenities are not just added accessories but are well thought out spaces, essential to a unique lifestyle at Rosa dei Venti. Every detail has been carefully designed to bring home the best of Mediterranean living with comfort and style. This complex will complement your taste for fine living and energize a thriving new destination. Surrounded by endless panoramic sea views, this stunning city and iconic area is an example of resort living at its best. Each apartment and penthouse provides an intelligent, efficient and functional design through creativity and purpose.

    Major benefits:

    • 500 meters to sandy Dasoudi Beach with its Eucalyptus Park;
    • Limassol’s most prestigious and quiet residential area - Papas;
    • City amenities are within a few minutes’ walk;
    • Communal swimming pool, gym, sauna and covered parking space;
    • High ceilings 3.15 meters;
    • High standards of finish;
    • Under floor heating and air conditioning;
    • Penthouses with private pools on roof terraces;
    • Sea views from the top floors

    Prices and Availability

    • € 580,000
      1 b/r Apartment
    • € 880,000
      2 b/r Apartment
    • € 1,250,000
      3 b/r Apartment
    • € 1,840,000
      3 b/r Penthouse
    • € 1,740,000
      4 b/r Penthouse

    Class of energy efficiency: A


    Rosa di Venti is located in the heart of the tourist area in a tranquil safe neighbourhood. This high end area boasts breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and neighbouring mountains. The complex is situated only 500 meters away from Limassol’s golden sandy beaches and all necessary infrastructures, from supermarkets to pharmacies and from fine dining to high end shopping, Limassol has it all. Limassol boats everything, from a thriving night life to a calm relaxed resort and from a family environment to a business hub.

    Interior specification


    • Semi-solid parquet floors in each room;
    • Marble floor and walls in the toilets and bathrooms;
    • High ceilings (3.15 m);
    • Security entrance doors;
    • Intercom system;
    • Water under floor heating system and VRV conditioning;
    • High-standard sanitary ware from European brands;
    • Thermal aluminum window frames with double glazing;
    • High-standard kitchen cabinets and wardrobes from European brands;
    • Penthouses enjoy private roof terraces with pools

    NOTE: Movable furniture, home appliances & interior items are extras

    Schedule of areas

    Type Bedrooms Total area Price +VAT Floorplans
    Block A
    101 Apartment 1 83.1 Sold Yes show
    102 Apartment 1 75.3 Sold Yes show
    103 Apartment 1 81.8 Sold Yes show
    104 Apartment 2 125.2 Sold Yes show
    105 Apartment 1 78.3 Sold Yes show
    201 Apartment 3 167.2 Sold Yes show
    202 Apartment 1 75.5 Details
    Submit a request ID:18702
    Yes show
    203 Apartment 1 81.1 Sold Yes show
    204 Apartment 2 122.6 Sold Yes show
    301 Apartment 3 168.2 Sold Yes show
    302 Apartment 1 76.6 Details
    Submit a request ID:18705
    Yes show
    303 Apartment 1 82.9 Details
    Submit a request ID:18706
    Yes show
    304 Apartment 2 123.8 Sold Yes show
    401 Apartment 3 167.8 Sold Yes show
    402 Apartment 1 77.6 Sold Yes show
    403 Apartment 1 82.6 Sold Yes show
    404 Apartment 2 124.0 Details
    Submit a request ID:19851
    Yes show
    501 Penthouse 3 350.4 Sold Yes show
    502 Penthouse 4 404.0 Details
    Submit a request ID:18711
    Yes show
    Block B
    101 Apartment 1 91.3 Details
    Submit a request ID:18712
    Yes show
    102 Apartment 1 69.6 Sold Yes show
    103 Apartment 2 122.2 Sold Yes show
    104 Apartment 2 121.2 Sold Yes show
    201 Apartment 3 170.1 Sold Yes show
    202 Apartment 2 124.5 Sold Yes show
    203 Apartment 2 125.2 Details
    Submit a request ID:18718
    Yes show
    301 Apartment 3 171.5 Details
    Submit a request ID:18719
    Yes show
    302 Apartment 2 125.7 Sold Yes show
    303 Apartment 2 125.4 Details
    Submit a request ID:18721
    Yes show
    401 Apartment 3 169.7 Sold Yes show
    402 Apartment 2 124.0 Sold Yes show
    403 Apartment 2 125.2 Sold Yes show
    501 Penthouse 3 366.8 Details
    Submit a request ID:18725
    Yes show
    502 Penthouse 3 373.1 Details
    Submit a request ID:18726
    Yes show
    Block C
    101 Apartment 3 177.0 Sold Yes show
    102 Apartment 1 82.8 Details
    Submit a request ID:18729
    Yes show
    103 Apartment 2 132.1 Details
    Submit a request ID:18730
    Yes show
    201 Apartment 3 176.7 Details
    Submit a request ID:18731
    Yes show
    202 Apartment 1 86.1 Details
    Submit a request ID:18732
    Yes show
    203 Apartment 2 132.0 Details
    Submit a request ID:18733
    Yes show
    301 Apartment 3 177.7 Sold Yes show
    302 Apartment 1 86.3 Sold Yes show
    303 Apartment 2 132.4 Sold Yes show
    401 Penthouse 4 338.2 Details
    Submit a request ID:18737
    Yes show
    402 Penthouse 4 330.2 Sold Yes show
    Total: 45 93 6,805


    • All prices are subject to change without notice;
    • All the above 3D images, areas, layouts and photographs consist of indicative information and the project can differ insignificantly from the displayed images;

    • Google Map


    Cyprus Permanent Residence

    Investing in real estate allows you to obtain a Permanent Residence Permit in Cyprus.

    The Cyprus Permanent Residency Program (PRP) grants the right to travel within the EU with less elaborate visa requirements and obtaining Cyprus citizenship.

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    Стоимость юридического сопровождения (единоразовая)
    736 € (0.8 %) — 920 € (1 %)

    Более подробную информацию о налогах и сборах при покупке недвижимости на Кипре вы можете получить на нашей странице.

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